1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza
Here in Arizona we have these little rodents we call pack rats. They get into everything. This car was stored under a car cover for about two years and the rats moved in. They filled the engine compartment with cactus pods and mesquite beans, no to mention their dead bodies and other garbage they brought along with them.

This car has kind of a unique history. It was built for the Quality Director of the Chevrolet Division. You'll see it has some nice features. The instrument panel and glove box are painted black like a Corsa instead of the standard Monza silver. This was done at the factory. There are other niceities such as a remote control rear view side mirror, telescoping steering wheel and FM mutiplexer. His wife drove the car for many years and then a teenage daughter ended up with it. The daughter married a friend of mine's son and my friend eventually ended up with it. My friend was a retired GM engineer with some pretty strong ties and had the car shipped from Detroit to the GM Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa on a transport that was coming this way anyhow. He almost had the car restored when he hurt his back and parked it. That's when the rats moved in!

The engine had to be removed and all components cleaned and rebuilt. The sheet metal all had to come off the engine and the rat turds removed from all the cooling fins in the engine. A real mess.
With only 30,000 original miles on the car, it was the closest thing to a new Corvair I had ever driven. With a 110hp and Powerglide complete with factory air conditioning, it was a joy to drive.
As you can see, the interior was beautiful. The black dash was a factory special. Everything was like new. We in Arizona are not used to seeing 30-year old vinyl seats that are still soft and pliable. These felt factory fresh. It had new carpeting but original factory floor mats front and rear.

The daughter that drove this car got married and moved to Kentucky so we decided to give the car a good Arizona home and let daughter dear take something expendable to Kentucky.
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