Body Related Ideas for your '60-'66 Chevy/GMC Pickup
Mustang Meets Chevrolet

To get the exhaust pipes through his cool roll pan, Richard Twiddy used the exhaust bezels from an early Mustang. It gives it a nice finished look. These are available for about $15 each from CJ Pony Parts Inc., 7481 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg, PA 17112. 1-800-888-6473

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Recessed Radio Antenna

Here's a clever place to mount a radio antenna. This is an automatic remote controlled unit. There's room in the corner even if your using an inside (stock) gas tank. This idea is from Richard Twiddy.

17" Wheels Look Cool

This will give you some idea what 17" wheels look like on one of Chevrolet's finest. Troy Baker likes them just fine on his truck.

Stepside Tail Light Idea

If this truck were made in this day and age when trucks really aren't trucks, they are just a way to get around and be cool, it would probably have tail lights like this - where they belong!

Bob's Bar and Grill

Bob Green used 1/2" hardware cloth to hold everything in the grill's mouth. Then 36 fifty-cent chrome drawer pulls from Lowe's were attached to some pipe strap and Viola!! A totally cool $25 grill!!

Hidden Trailer Hitches

Here's a great idea for those how wish to hide their trailer hitch behind their roll pan. Richard Twiddy used a medium duty hitch, modified it a bit to fit his application and the slapped an 80's Monte Carlo license plate bracket over it.  (Click on the pictures to get a bigger view.)

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But since Rich is never happy with something that just "okay", he had to go and take a perfectly good thing and make it better!!

Here's another great idea for a hidden receiver. This one was done by Frank Chavez from the Sacramento area. A hand-made cover makes this one look really great. Which begs the question: does it really look great if you can't see it?