Forward Control Throttle Cable Fix

      On forward control models a 10-foot plus cable and its housing run from the gas pedal all the way back to the carburetor cross shaft. After 50 years of hard use the cable sometimes builds up a little resistance causing  problems.


     Several years ago there was a discussion on corvaircenter regarding this cable. Ken Hand suggested that rather than put a heavy return spring at the cross shaft, replace the light factory spring at the front of the cable with a nice heavy spring with just a light spring at the cross shaft. No information on what exact spring to use, but Ken mentioned the words “clutch spring” in his comments! The point he was making is that it has to be a nice healthy spring.


     In order to solve the problem on a ‘63 Greenbrier, the search was on for a suitable spring to do the job. While wandering through the Home Depot I ran across a packet of springs manufactured by Everbuilt which included 2 each 7/16” dia x 1-1/2” long with a .047 wire diameter and 2 each of the same spring only 2-1/2” long. Both springs are rated at 11.46 lb/in. The pack of 4 cost around 4 bucks.


     Using one of the 2-1/2” springs, the loop on each end was trimmed for ease of installation. Once installed it seems to have solved the problem for my situation. The stronger spring up front pushes the cable with the light spring at the cross shaft helps by pulling.


      This fix may not work for every situation but it’s worth a try. New cables/housing are running about $130 at Clark's (2020).

The springs are available at Home Depot. The new spring (above is shown with  original spring (below).


The new spring attaches in the stock original location. One end of the spring has to be trimmed off to be able to slip into the hole in the sheet metal in the front. The other end has to trimmed as well the able slip into the hole in the throttle lever.