LED Instrument Panel Lights

for Corvairs

Growing tired of not being able to read my gauges with my old worn-out eyes, I  looked for something brighter. Here's a nice replacement for those old dim instrument panel lights.

These bulbs are a replacement for sizes 1895, 53, and 57, among others. They have a BA9 base which is what's required for the Corvair instrument panel light bulbs and the ones I'm using are white. They are available in several different colors. I found these on Amazon for a little over a buck apiece (2018) for a package of 10 lights. There are several vendors that have them available.

They really work well lighting up the instruments very nicely with the green tint that is provided by the factory paint on the inside. They will not dim however as the incandescent bulbs do, but they are not overly bright and not at all obnoxious. For me they are perfect.

I used them everywhere on the Corsa dash including the heater controls, but I did not use them for any other warning lights. It took 9 lights in all. I tried them on an early model dash for fit and there was no problem.

RETURN Van Pershing, Tucson Corvair Association