Valance Curtain Fix


After three or four years, especially here in the Arizona heat, the elastic in the valance curtains looses its elasticity and allows the curtains to droop and look a little unsightly.

Here's a fix that takes only an hour or so and doesn't cost anything but a few feet of bailing wire.

Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.

Measure the distance between the corners, supports, etc. When to take the valances down there won't be any other reference to make the stiffening wires the correct length. (Sorry I didn't have the presence of mind to take some "before" pictures of the droopy valances, but they drooping down between the end and clip and looked pretty bad.)
Remove the valances and lay them out for the fix. In the case of these valances, the elastic will serve a nice pocket for the stiffening wires.
I used some bailing wires I had around the shop. This wire is soft steel and is easily bent and shaped yet stuffiently stiff to keep the valances in line. You may choose to use something a little stiffer. Cut the a wire for each section using the measurements taken above allowing a little extra for rounding the ends. Bend the wire back on itself on both ends making a nice rounded ends so the wire will slide easily into the valance pockets.
Make a small cut just big enough to slide in the wire one end of each section of the valance.
Slip the wire into the cut and slide it all the way into the valance pocket making sure the wire goes in above the clips and button holes
Reinstall the valances and make any adjustment needed by bending the wires. There is no need to attach the wires to anything solid. They rest nicely on the pockets without need of any other support. Nice results, little cost and minimal effort.