Droopy Cooktop Cover Fix


The cooktop Cover on our Atwood Wedgewood Vision range has been misused so many times that the flimsy little bracket that are suppose to hold to up have assumed and unnatural shape, so the cover droops down and get in the way of the pans you're trying to use.

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To close the cover you are supposed to pull it up to release it before you fold it down. The trouble with this flimsy design is that if you don't quite pull it up far enough and you try to close it the hinge brackets bend. It happens on very outing at least once. Ugh!
Here's a close view of the hinge. Any unwanted force applied to it will cause it to bend. The design idea might have been good if heavier materials were used.
I used a Dremel-type tool with a cut-off disc to remove the hinge pins. It's easy to see how bend up the hinge support is. Just that much causes the cover to lean inward way too far.
I enlarged the holes in the hinge support using a drilled 1/4" drill bit. I also bent the supports back to their original shape.
Next I tweaked the tabs on the cover outward just enough so they would fit on the outside of the hinge supports. Originally they fit on the inside of the supports. if you don't go to the outside the cover won't fold back far enough. I used 1/4" bolts and nut to secure the cover to the supports. I did not "tighten" the nuts - just brought them in close - and used some thread lock to keep them from backing off. You don't want them tight because the  cover want to move freely. Self-locking nut would probably have been a better choice but I didn't have any handy at the time.
Here's a picture of the finished product with the cover closed.

Now the cover opens all the way and rested comfortably against the backslash out of the way. A couple of rubber bumpers could be easily installed on the cover to protect the backsplash....or not!