This isn't a real one but a PhotoShop job from Lee Aanderud.

Wild and Crazy - '60 - '66 Chevy GMC Trucks that should have been!!
1966 Avalanche  
1964 Chevrolet Blazer  
Here are two really great ideas!!!

All we need is somebody with lots of gumption and $$ to try one of them!!

How about a '64 Blazer?? Looks easy enough!

1964 Chevrolet Extended Cab Pickup Truck  
Okay, then how about an extended cab??
Airport Limo  
Or how about an airport limo Suburban-syle? I wish we could see the other side to see if there were doors!
This beauty was seen on the internet for sale in Billings, Montana in 2006. Asking price was $2900. No engine or transmission. Nice interior.....

Another 18-passenger Stageway Coach Suburban seen in Billings in April 2011. This one is a '65.
How About a Looooong Bed?  
In June 2001 the unit was seen for sale on eBay. It's a '61 with an 11-foot bed. Think of the camper you could put on this bad boy!!
Nice Stakeside in Arizona  
Here's a shot of Chris' flatbed conversion. This has a couple a neat features. It uses the front bulkhead from the original bed to tie the sides together. The other cool thing that you never see is that it uses the original tail lights. Also note the license plate. Here in Arizona the Historical Vehicle plates are made of solid copper. Click on the picture for a larger view. You can contact Chris at
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