Power Steering
and a
Tilt Wheel for the '65
I picked up an '83 Suburban that came from Wisconsin and was pretty much a rust bucket. This is the source of all the parts I used to add power steering and a new tilt steering column. The whole this was incredibly easy as you will see.
After removing the steering column and steering box from the '83, I installed the steering box to the frame of the '65 using a REZ Engineering adapter kit purchased from Chevy Duty. The hardest thing in the whole operation was drilling two holes! The whole thing was incredibly easy. The kit had everything I needed - including instructions.
I was able route my hoses between the sheet metal of the fender well and the frame rail. I used a high pressure hose for an '87 Suburban (Powercraft P/N  71088). I got a low pressure hose from the junk yard from a mid 70's Chevy car and cut and bent it to fit and clamped on a new return hose.
Here's what the hoses look like as they come through the slot and into the engine compartment.
Next I removed the '65 steering column and put the '83 tilt unit in its place to see how things looked. As you can see, they didn't look that good, unless you happen to have really short arms. Needless to say things had to be shorten to put the wheel closer to the dash. While it was here I was able to see what modifications had to be done to use the '65 column retaining bracket. (Wooden 2x4 mounting bracket optional!)
I then removed the column and drilled out the plastic retainers in the shaft (4 places-two on each side). If you look closely at this picture you can see two small holes on the flat portion of the shaft. There are also two on the other side. You just drill out the plastic that is in these holes and the shaft slips apart. This whole system allows the shaft to collapse in case of a crash. After cleaning the shaft, it slides into and out nicely allowing you to adjust it to the length you need. On the column itself I removed the plastic decorative sleeve that below the shifter ring and knocked of the 4 large weldnuts that were used to mount the column under the dash on the '83. These nuts get in the way of the '65 mounting bracket. A little trimming took place on the cover and wheel well opening to allow clearance for the flex joint on the shaft, as you see here.
The '65 bracket that secures the column to the firewall is normally on the engine side of the wall. I turned it upside down and moved it inside the cab because when the shaft is shortened the bracket covers the hole where the neutral switch mounts if you leave it on the outside. I had to drill just two holes.
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