Shear-type body mount used on 3/4-ton truck

C10 1/2-ton mount shown here installed on a '65 C20.

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The C20 (3/4-ton) rear cab mounts were quite different than those used on the C10 (1/2-ton) Chevy and GMC trucks in the 1960 to 1966 era.

The C20 mounts were shear-type body mount that used a bracket which was riveted to the frame and another bracket which bolted to the cab with a thick rubber insert vulcanized between the two as shown in the picture below.

The C10 rear cab mount used a cushion-type system which was similar to the front cab mounts on both the C10 and the C20. This system used a bracket riveted to the frame that had a rubber "donut" on top and underneath that were all held in place by a long bolt secured to the cab as shown in the picture below.

The C20 rear cab mounts are no longer available but there is rumor that there are places that will rebuild your old mounts for a price. An alternative would be to convert the C20 rear mount to C10 mounts. To do this you must first find a donor pair of frame brackets from a C10. Then you simple remove the rear body mounts from your C20. This requires either a cold chisel and a big hammer or a torch. Once removed you can then bolt the C10 brackets onto the frame using the same set of holes used by the old mount. New rubber is available from any one of a number of your favorite parts vendors.