Adding a Front Sway Bar

Most '60 -'66 pickups didn't come from the factory with a front sway bar - I guess we should really call it and anti-sway bar!

Here's what I did:

I had an '83 1/2-ton Suburban that I was robbing parts from for my '65 3/4-ton Fleetside. And it was equipped with a sway bar in the front, so I removed it and held it place on my pickup and was amazed that it was the right width and all the angles were just right to bolt it to the '65. Upon further examination, I discovered that the holes to bolt the brackets to the A-arms were already there on the '65 and they matched the spacing from the '83. How simple could it get!

I used the frame bracket from the '83 and drilled holes and bolted them to the '65 frame.

The holes on the A-arms had been drilled at the factory. What amazed me was the the spacing was perfect and I began to ask myself if they ever changed anything on Chevy trucks! I guess they figured if it ain't broke............


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