Progressive Rear Coil Springs for 60-65 Chevy 3/4-ton Trucks

I am convinced that the C20 trucks are where the saying "It rides like a truck" came from. There are times when I was thinking about getting a kidney belt to wear while I was driving, and my wife would sometimes refuse to ride with me if we weren't staying on perfectly smooth paved roads. When a bump in the road came along, the front of the truck handled it just fine but when the rear wheels hit it the truck acted like the rear axle was welded solid to the frame.

I finally decided to try a set of the progressive rear springs. What a difference. Now we have a truck that rides very nicely over any road surface. Money well spent!

Here are a couple of views of the spring side by side. The wire diameter of the springs is drastically different (.812 vs .900), as can be seen. The free length of the two styles are almost the same. When installed on the truck, the empty ride height is virtually the same. I don't load the truck very often so I can't report on what a load will do to it at this time. I purchased the springs for about $80 (2013). They are Moog part number CC603.
Several years ago, I loaded up the truck with sand. This picture is what 2500 pounds of sand did to the ride height. (7080 lbs. gross weight). By the way, the truck rode very smoothly....didn't stop all that well....