Kris Severson (KSever on chevytalk.com) of Dodgeville, Wisconsin built this spiffy instrument panel for his '63 C10. His original dash had only a gas gauge with the temperature, generator, and oil pressure being indicated only by the infamous idiot lights, as shown in the photo to the right. What you can't really see in this photo is the single green indicator light for the turn signals. The same light was used for both left and right turns.

Kris purchased the generator and oil pressure gauges on eBay and borrowed the temperature gauge from the panel shown in the photo at the right. He cut the two inner areas just above where the lights were located so that they matched the two outer gauge locations. He filled the holes where the lights once resided with the ends of a copper pipe caps, JB Welding them in place. Then, not happy with you-can-have-it-any-color-you-want-as-long-as-it's-black, he painted it to match his dash. He also fixed the turn signal indicators so now he has one for each direction - What a concept!!

One thing that makes Kris' instrument panel so unique is that the gauges are in a row rather than circling the speedometer as shown in the photo of a stock instrument panel with gauges to the right. Kris' instrument panel is void of the goofy little upside-down "T"s in the spots where a tachometer or air pressure gauge would have gone.

Kris next has to figure out how he's going do the wiring for all these new gauges, but that's a story for another time and place!

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