Before Van bought this '65 LWB someone had fabricated a couple of saddle tanks and removed the behind-the-seat tank. They had install a couple of those rivet-on gas doors that were popular back in the 70's. Liking the idea of saddle tanks but not caring one little bit for the ugly gas doors, these doors from a mid-80's Ford Fairmont were welded in place. They look like they belong there and only cost $5 each!
Ideas for Gas Filler Doors/Caps for '60-'65 Chevy/GMC Pickups
Troy's '62 Stepside uses another great and inexpensive gas cap idea. This unit came from a Kawasaki X-11 motorcycle and has a Jeep filler neck welded to the backside so that no fancy transition would have to be made in the connecting hose to fill his Jeep gas tank.
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Here's another great idea for those of you who are looking for a way to fill up your gas tank after you have relocated it under the bed. This item is from Overton's, a mail-order marine supply company. It looks just like the $70 one that you can get from some of the truck parts vendors but this one is $10.99. (Overton's part number 20189)