Add a COOLANT OVERFLOW TANK to your cooling system

The '60-'66 trucks did not come with a burp tank from the factory. It's not real easy to run down to the parts store and buy a universal tank to install. It's tough to find a good place to mount it mostly because of the shape of the sheet metal that covers the wheels, among other things. With a few items from the local home improvement store, I was able to come up with a system that works for me for only a few bucks.

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I used 3" ABS sewer pipe for a couple of reasons. It was black so I didn't have to paint it to go with my engine compartment decor, and it's nice and thick so I was able to drill and tap for the fittings. It measures about 18" long.

I used a Rectorseal Tom Kap that fits inside the ABS pipe and give a cleaner look along with the screw off/on cap.
I located the tank on the passenger's side of the radiator close to the battery.
For my set up, mounting became a little bit of an issue. I installed an electric fan and the way I mounted it provided me with a place to mount the burp tank. The brackets that hold the fan in place turned out to be a good place. Another option might have been the battery box.

I cut some pieces from an ABS reducer fitting and clamped them to the tank. This gave me two "hooks" which slip right over the fan brackets - one upper and one lower. (Upper shown)


I drilled and tapped holes for a fitting near the top of the tank which serves as an over flow, and another in the bootom cap that provides flow to and from the radiator.

The tank holds the better part of a gallon and has worked flawlessly.

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