Mount Your Spare Tire in the Bed
If your decide to take your gas tank out of the cab and mount one underneath the bed, you'll have to find somewhere else to put your spare tire. Here's one idea that just might do the trick. It comes from Ryan Miller. This article shows a '67-'72 truck bed but the same thing has been done on the '60-'66 beds.
This spare tire carrier will only work in a long-bed Fleetside truck. This was done with a steel floor but can be done with a wood bed as well. The carrier fits a stock 235-75X15 tire or any tire that is under 29" tall.

A Fleetside wheel well was located at a local boneyard for $25. The well was cut and welded as shown in the picture to shorten it so it would fit between the tailgate and the wheel well in the truck.  If you have access to a wheel well for a wood bed, it can be used so that you have a flange to be able to bolt it into place for those who have wood beds.
Front Roll Pan
If you want a front roll pan, you've got to make your own. As of this posting (8/04) nobody is making them. I have a feeling that after they've seen this beautiful job by Rich Twiddy, somebody is going to. Rich found a decent nose panel in the bone yard and sawed off the lower factory roll and moved it down to meet the lowest part of the fenders. Luckily he found an early panel. The early trucks had a different frame and the "reliefs" for the frame horns were smaller than the '64-'66 making filling the reliefs easier. Then he sawed the nose panel off of his truck at the point where it turns down and filled the gap with a section of roof from and '80s Chevy van.
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