Quick & Easy Bed Tie-Downs
For a couple of bucks and almost no time invested, you can install some I-bolts into the pre-drill holes on your Fleeteside or replace some fender bolts with I-bolts on your Stepside and have a way to tie stuff down in the bed of your truck without messing up your paint. Click on each picture to enlarge.

Purchase 3/8" I-bolts at your local hardware store with threads long enough to go all the way through the stake pockets. Just below the top edge of the bed there is a hole in each of the four most forward stake pockets.

I had to clean the holes up with a 3/8" drill to allow the bolts to slip through easily, although it can be done without drilling.

Use a 3/8" flat washer on each side of the stake pocket.

Here's a way to use the I-bolt tie-downs on a Stepside without hacking up your bed. Just use an I-bolt on place of a fenfer bolt here and there.
(thanks to Lakeroadster)
Here's another idea for adding tie-downs to your bed.
Here is a good way to put boat parts to good use.
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