Back Up Light Options

The Federal Government required all vehicle to have backup lights starting in 1966. They they were only an option prior to that.



On the left is a diagram from the LMC catalog that shows a backup light as it is intended to mount on a Stepside. A mounting bracket (5) is available to mount the lights to the rear bed posts.

On the right is a diagram of a unit intended for a Fleetside.


On the right are a couple examples of 1966 Stepside trucks. The backup lights were mounted directly to the back of the fenders. Some '66s had fenders with backup light locations made so they would be vertical. (photo courtesy of Mike Danner (100% Chevy on Click on the photos to make them larger.

On the right is a view of a 1966 Fleetside showing the location of the backup lights.

Here are a few pages from the 1960 Acceories Installation Manual that prove useful: courtesy of Mark Brazelton (click to enlarge)

A Great Option:

This idea will work on both Stepsides and Fleetsides. Here's what Mark Brazelton of Spokane, Washington (markeb01 on the chevytalk and stovebolt forums) did with his 1960 Stepside. He fabricated a sheet metal pan to mount the lamps alongside the license plate. He used Unity 1950 vintage model C universal lamps. There are a number of other aftermarket lamps that would have worked just as well. He just happened to have these.

When he first installed the lamps he went with an illuminated tip toggle switch on the dash. It wasn't bright enough to notice so he had problems remembering to turn the lights off. An indicator light would have been a better idea, but he decided to install a transmission switch instead. His truck has a 4 speed, but it's a Richmond Super T10.

Here are a few photos showing how it turned out: Click on each photo to enlarge



Here's what the setup looks like functioning.

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