1965 Turbo Corsa Convertible Project



Jan 2013

The project nears completion.


Jan 2013

The top installed and ready to roll..



Dec 2006

Even though it doesn't look like it in this shot, the car is complete. It had been disassembled by the previous owner several years ago for restoration but, as many projects, never got done.

A rear-side view reveals the condition of the car. There are a couple of rusty places but nothing serious. The body panels are straight but there are a couple places where we'll have to do some re-do of previous less-than-perfect body work.



The interior was stripped out and ready for a complete restoration. The telescoping steering wheel was a nice bonus. The Chevrolet tissue dispenser will be returned to the previous owner as it was not part of the deal.

Late 2011

The body had been walnut shell blasted and body work neared completion.


The engine was removed to clean up the mess left by the pack rats

It was disgusting!!

The engine was cleaned up and resealed.

The carb was rebuilt and turbo cleaned up.

Mar 2012

The engine, almost completely assembled and nearly ready to go into the car.

Apr 2012

Upholstry kit from Clark's Corvair installed



May 2012

Engine back in the car.

Jul 2012

Body work is finally done.

Jul 2012

Base coat: 2012 Cadillac CTS Opulent Blue

Jul 2012

Clear Coat

Jul 2012

Color sand/polish


Aug 2012

Wheels and tires

Blue with saddle interior make a nice color combo.

Nov 2012

Nearing complettion.


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