Oil Cooler side shields - for 12-plate oil coolers


The sheet metal that surrounds the 12-plate (and 8-plate) oil cooler is not very good at containing the cooling air as it comes from the fan and over the fins of the cooler. These simple shields contain a lot more of the air intended to flow into the cooler. Here are some simple to make shield with drawings provided by Tom Koprevich of the Niagara Frontier Corvair Club. These are specific to the 12-plate cooler but can be modified for the 8-plate.
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There are two templates - one for each side. Download and print them. There are no dimensioned per se on the drawing but there is a 1-inch scale in the middle of the drawing.

 The paper templates can be glued to the sheetmetal (soft aluminum or steel) so no measuring would be required to make the cuts and bends.

Next bend the sheet metal. 

Here are a couple of pictures showing how the shield fit on the cooler which is now ready to reinstall. 


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